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March 1, 2011

Carpi & Clay -  The Governor and Legislature continue to grapple with efforts to try and solve the more than $25 billion budget deficit ($8.2 billion current year and $17.2 billion budget year shortfalls). At this point, there are 10 days left until the deadline (March 10th) for placing a ballot measure on the June special election. As in the past, this date can probably be shifted a week or two depending on the desires of the Legislature.

The legislative budget committees have begun meeting and taking action on the Governor’s budget proposals – the Legislative Budget Conference Committee is meeting and attempting to develop a final budget package. There has been lots of activity from the various interest groups that are impacted by the cuts or shifts proposed with in the budget proposal. Everyone from redevelopent agencies, seniors, and school advocates have been lobbying the legislators to not cut their programs. It remains to be seen, with the political pressure being brought to bear on the legislators, what the final budget package will look like and if there are enough votes to pass it (whether a majority to pass the budget or two-thirds required to place a measure on the ballot).

Over 2300 bills (934 Sentate and 1389 Assembly) were introduced in the first year of the 2011/2012 legislative session. That works out to just overe 19 bills per legislator, or roughly the max per legislator (40 bills is the limit per member for the entire 2011/2012 session).

In addition, we have reviewed all 2300 bill proposals and have referred those measures that we think may impact your interests.