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October 4, 2010

Carpi & Clay – September 30th was the last day for the Governor to sign or veto bills for the 2009/2010 Legislative Session. There were 2,799 Assembly bills introduced and 1,742 Senate bills introduced during the two-year session. The Governor vetoed 20% of the bills that were sent to him in 2010. During Governor Schwarzenegger’s seven years in office he has vetoed over 25% of the bills that have reached his desk.

We have heard rumors that a budget vote is imminent-sounds familiar though….Apparently on Friday October 1st the Governor and legislative leadership were able to come to fruition on their earlier “framework” of a budget deal. On Tuesday October 5th the caucuses are supposed to meet to be briefed on the deal, on Wednesday October 6th the budget committees will hear the budget bills, and on Thursday October 7th the Senate and Assembly will meet in floor session to take up the budget. This is a record late budget for the state of California, and we are relatively sure that there will be little to no good news in the budget proposal.

With the November elections coming up with all of the initiatives on the ballot it remains fairly busy in Sacramento. The new members will be sworn into office in early December and in January is when we will hit the ground running again.