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December 2010

Carpi & Clay – This year has been one of the more interesting years in Sacramento although we anticipate much of the same in the future. Between horrible budgets, partisan fighting, and seemingly nothing getting done with no one in control, Sacramento remains in dire straits. In early December the new legislators were sworn in and the Governor called a special session to work on the budget. To date, little to nothing has been done in the special session and it remains unclear if Governor-Elect Brown will continue with the special session or close it down to open a new one.

Governor-Elect Brown has been holding budget town halls throughout the state becoming educated on the budget crisis and hearing ideas on some of the problems the state is facing. Those budget meetings seem to be going over well with the public and the Governor-Elect has made it clear that it is not going to be a pretty budget that he proposes on January 10, 2011. Not many appointments have been made public by the Governor-Elect, so come January when he is sworn in through the first few months of his administration it will be interesting to see who he keeps in place from the previous administration and who he appoints.