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July 1, 2010

Carpi & Clay - June has been very busy in Sacramento, although it is just now starting to heat up and get to 100 degrees so maybe we will see a budget soon? June 4th was the deadline for bills to pass the house of origin, June 15th was the constitutional deadline for having a budget passed, and July 2nd is the last day for policy committees to hear bills.

Nedless to say, a budget has not been passed yet although Conference Committee continues to meet, as does legislative leadership and the Governor. The ususal budget rumors have been floated with thoughts that a budget deal won’t occur until late August or early September when the state will have to begin issuing IOU’s. If our memory is serving us correctly this will be the first year that we haven’t seen a budget “drill” vote to show the public that the legislature is working on the budget, but the votes aren’t there. Interesting enough, it is our understanding that a drill hasn’t occured because the Senate Democrats and the Assembly Democrats aren’t on the same page so instead of it being Democrats versus Republicans, it is Senate Democrats versus Assembly Democrats versus Republicans.

We have heard that members will go back to their districts for summer recess, planning to return August 2nd, and will remain “on-call” to come to Sacramento to vote on a budget should one come to fruition prior to August 2nd.