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March 4, 2010

Capri & Clay - February has been a busy month in Sacramento with the deadline for new bills to be introduced. During the final four days prior to the introduction deadline 1321 bills were introduced. During the 2009-2010 session there were 4245 bills introduced in regular session. There were an additional 806 bills introduced in the eight different extraordinary sessions, as constitutional amendments and as resolutions. This session the total bill count is lower than in previous years where the average was 5028 introduced bills. The estimated cost of each introduced bill is $20,900.  We have spent the time to read all of the introduced bills and referred the ones we think you may be interested in on your referred bill list that Mary sends each week. Please take the time to read through the list and let us know if you have an interest in any of the bills. Bills need to be in print for 30 days before they can be heard in committee so we anticipate that hearings will begin the end of March and early April.

The Assembly swore in a new Speaker this month, John Perez, from Los Angeles. In his remarks upon assuming the leadership position, he said that there will no longer be texting between lobbyists and law makers allowed, he will appoint two republicans to chair committees, and no more midnight budget deals.

The Senate and Assembly are still working on a mid-year budget fix in the 8th extraordinary session that has been called by the Governor. Stay tuned on this, as it seems the budget is more of a year-round issue now.